A3: VR Construct Academy

Elevator Pitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohJQ8wt8XbI&ab_channel=JohannesWielenga

Venture Pitch: https://sites.google.com/view/vrconstructacademy

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  1. Michael Saretzky

    Hi Johannes,
    Overall the concept is great, personally if I had the money not only would I like to invest, but I would also like to be an instructor. I like that you touched on COVID-19 and how it has changed the education world, showing the relevancy and need. I also like the breakdown of the difference and what makes you standout from the “others”, answering the why for the investor. Although the asking amount seems massive, I do believe that such an endeavor would come at a high cost. And you also outlined the phases, so that it is expected that you want growth.

    With your elevator pitch, I found the images were rather quick and took away from what you were saying. Not that it is needed, but I was wondering if adding AR and MR into the EP or VP would help with investors seeing more potential.

    Overall it was good and as I moved back into online learning yesterday I do see potential for VR Construct Academy.

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  2. Rachel

    Hi Johannes,

    We have talked about the potential of AR/VR in this course but seeing your venture pitch does get me excited about the possibilities! I like the fact that VR Construct Academy will have fully built-in house software and a team of instructors and support staff because I can imagine the initial steep learning curve for anyone who is new to VR. Having the experts available and implement the program would certainly earn investors’ trust.
    The layout of your venture pitch is clean and concise. Something I would’ve liked to see, in which you already provided some description, is given an example of exactly how it will work. For instance, what would students expect to see or learn in English 10 so investors would have a better sense of where they put their money in.
    Though not a teacher, I’m quite excited about this venture idea and would love to see if this will lead to anything further!

    Great work!

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  3. julio palacios

    FEEDBACK: I agree with the comments above that this is an exciting idea that is very applicable in today’s educational climate. I also agree with Rachel in wanting to have a clearer idea of how exactly VR Construct Academy will work. Nothing in too much detail would be needed, just something to ground the idea. I thought your pitch was concise and informative. Personally, I did feel it could have used a bit of music to help captivate my attention, but that’s more of a personal preference.

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  4. EmilyChen

    Hi Johannes,
    I think your venture pitch is very well thought out. Given the information, I would be interested in knowing more about the venture. VR application in education I think is the future, and I like your concept. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. raafa abdulla

    Thank you very much Johannes for sharing your idea with us. In the elevator pitch, you mentioned two problems and two solutions. It was was very clear to know the purpose of the VR construct academy. It would be nice, that you adjust the page where you introduce the VR construct Academy (an image rather than a screenshot of a word document). Also, you can reference all the images at the end. I was distracted with the resources of the images as you were presenting your venture. The last point, it would be easier if you mentioned an opportunity for the investment. For example, how much do you need now from investors to start this academy and what are the benefits of investing in your company.
    For the venture pitch, for me, it is complete, concise and accurate. All what I was looking for was there so I don’t have any suggestion.
    I would invest in your company.
    Thank you very much 🙂

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  6. Vijaya Jammi

    Hi Johannes,
    Watching your pitch kindled my curiosity to read and learn more about it, because I am a bit skeptical about how well VR can support the constructivist theory of learning. I found there is a lot of research out there supporting this construct. Research shows that VR does provide an opportunity for constructivist learning. I particularly was impressed by one of the papers by Chwen Jen Chen, ‘Theoretical Bases for Using Virtual Reality in Education’ (https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ1131320.pdf ) that discusses at length this construct between VR and Constructivist theory.

    However, in conclusion he states that, “a perfect learning theory that is suited for all learning conditions is unavailable…hence, learning systems that are designed based on an eclectic approach that selectively combines behavioral, cognitive, and constructivist principles will be more appropriate to ensure learners obtain the desired learning outcomes.” This deserves a thought too.

    Both the pitches are well done. The problem and your solution are clearly stated. The differentiation part does show the edge of this venture over online and traditional schools as well. The business plan is well thought out and planned. However, it would help to substantiate further, the claim that your venture can maintain the same level of constructivist learning theory in curriculum, as found in real schools’ environment. Over all, this is good work.

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  7. RyanSilverthorne

    Hello Johannes,

    AR/VR is a very exciting field and an excellent idea for a venture pitch. One of the things I really liked is you directly got into the problem with online solutions, correctly pointing out that a very large number sacrifice pedagogy in the name of convenience. I feel like you dealt with the most glaring questions at the beginning, which is wise when your audience is interested in getting information on what the need is before they hear about what your product can do to change this.

    Another thing I really liked was the use of the term “disruption”. I did not use that term in my pitch but wish I would have. It stuck out for me and I’d imagine it would for investors too. It creates an idea that this product is unique and will potentially change the market. This is likely where you would be hooking them in and interest level would peak.

    Since you hit the point that your product is so different than others I think it may have helped, at this point in the pitch, to give an example. I understand you cannot get too far into the technical aspects (I had the same limitation) but since you laid out that you would be using the BC curriculum and an IB approach a classroom level example of constructivism using VR technology I feel would have made your previous strong statements, all the more convincing.

    I thought your elevator pitch did a great job of pulling in interest. I might suggest using an image file rather than word when showing your company logo, but this is an easy fix. The idea behind it is solid. I felt like the organization of the video was excellent as well as some of the images you used. There were two images that seemed to indicate a real classroom environment. I think if you also incorporated those in your venture pitch they could be used to describe a classroom experience. For example, one appears to be a language VR experience. The image could be used to explain how Mandarin 11 at your school differs from other online or traditional classroom learning.

    Overall this was a very intriguing pitch. As an administrator with an Ed Tech background, it made me dream of being the principal of such a school. Thank you for sharing!

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  8. Alice Shin

    Hi, Johannes!

    A school that is taught entirely by VR – very interesting indeed! We definitely need a solution to the difficulties faced with kids learning at home via teleconference – be it forced due to circumstances such as Covid, or by choice to allow for an enriched, experiential learning experience.

    Here’s my review:

    With regards to your pitches, you definitely have personality and a bit of humour which comes across in your Elevator Pitch. Your venture is a wonderful idea that if it can be done, will add incredible value to the education system. AND – you gave me a BETTER solution for my venture – EngageVR looks so much better than Spatial.io that I now have another platform to research! If it allows for 3D modeling which can be uploaded via mobile – golden!

    Understanding your venture is probably fictitious, I do have some questions:
    – how much would the academy charge for students to attend? will this be private or public funds? I did not see (or perhaps I missed it) a revenue model to show profit and establish share value? how will investors get a return on investment?
    – will your academy offer face-to-face / hybrid classes as well? once we have a vaccine, schools will most likely revert back at some point to some degree of face-to-face teaching as schools not only serve to educate students, they provide childcare. will the academy be able to accommodate and adjust its structure while maintaining its unique offering?
    – potential competitors: as you mentioned, the traditional school system is the largest, but what would stop them from budgeting for VR and simply contracting Engage directly?
    – what if Zoom, VIP Kids, or other large, well-funded educational institution or tech communications co. contracts Engage or another VR platform to piggy-back off their existing distribution model / market?
    – As Ryan mentions above, some images of Engage would be helpful – maybe a short video clip? their website and demo illustrate well how a VR classroom would function making the venture concrete for investors

    For me, these are the questions I would have for your venture if I were looking to invest. Thanks for sharing your Venture!

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