Hello, My name is Ana

I have been a teacher for over 10 years, and I currently work in Cranbrook BC. This is my fifth course in the MET program!

Developing an understanding of new learning ventures will transform the way the K-12 curriculum functions, hence the reason for me embarking on this journey!

When I am not trying to meet my course deadlines or working, I am busy with my family especially my two kids (4 and 22mths old). I really enjoy the outdoors and doing crossfit!

Looking forward to working with everyone!!!

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4 responses to “Hello, My name is Ana”

  1. SallyB
    Hi Ana, Where is your picture from? (it looks like a drone picture?)
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    1. analesa crooks-eadie
      Hi Sally! This is a drone shot near Wardner BC, in the heart of the East Kootenays!!!
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  2. Feras Alachek
    Hi Ana, Nice to meet you. I wonder if you could tell us more about the courses you have taken so far and maybe some recommendations if possible. The picture is amazing BTW!
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    1. analesa crooks-eadie
      Hi Feras! The courses have been very informative, it is all about where your interest lies and the direction you want to go. I select my courses to help push my creativity as a teacher and those that aligns with expanding my method and practice of teaching!
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