Sally – Ready to ‘get back at it’


Sally here. 🙂

This is my 8th course in the MET program, after (approximately) a 1 year hiatus.

I’ve worked in the EdTech space, supporting instructors who teach online for the past 7.5 years, getting my start at Yukon College, and currently finding myself at Nova Scotia Community College. I stumbled into this niche somewhat by accident and am very glad that I did.

I’ve had my eye on this course for quite a while and am eager to learn more about the qualities of successful EdTech ventures and explore what the next big tech thing(s) might be. I’m particularly interested in thinking about  gaps I’ve noticed in LMS’s function and what  current (or possible) solutions might be.

I’m a bit naïve about all things “business”, so am looking forward to boot-camp and mastering a new vocabulary.

I spend a great deal of time working these days and walking my 2-year old, hyperactive, overly (uncomfortably?) friendly dog, Luna.

I threw some pictures together into a little clock image for you, that are mostly of her. I was thinking about the seasons, and time passing…. The flowers are from last week. Spring in Nova Scotia is a beautiful thing!

September 2020 – Now

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6 responses to “Sally – Ready to ‘get back at it’”

  1. Simin Rupa

    8 courses! So close to graduating! You must be excited. I am feeling the same about the business side, I even contacted a few MBA friends I have to pre-warn them haha.

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  2. adrian granchelli

    Hi Sally,

    Welcome back to the MET! The EdTech niche is so valuable especially now, I consider myself lucky to stumble in here too.

    Cute dog!

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  3. PhilipIhewuokwu

    Hi Sally,

    Nice to meet you. it is such a great time to be an EdTech specialist considering online learning has become prevalent in the current pandemic.

    From the course description, I think this course isn’t a business course. I hope that helps.

    Looking forward to learning with you.


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  4. Feras Alachek

    Hi Sally,

    The picture you have posted is quite unique and creative! I am surprised actually that I am meeting a student taking his 8th course here. We can definitely learn a lot from your experience.

    Luna looks super cute, and I am positive that you two share wonderful memories.

    Looking forward to working with you.

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  5. tiffany ku

    Hi Sally,

    Really cool and artistic photo that you’ve put together about your current life. For some reason, I’ve noticed that any blue or violet plant or animal species always tend to catch my eye too! Those colours in nature are always so intense and radiate such vibrant energy.

    I am on the same boat about the business side of things, you are not alone! I look forward to connecting with you throughout this course!

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  6. Joyce Lo

    Hi Sally,
    You are so close to finishing! Glad you were able to take a break and come back. I have never taken a business course in my life, so I am glad to find people who are starting off at about the same place as me. Looking forward to learning with you.

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