A1 – Analyst Report on Clicbot

Clicbot is an educational STEM toy designed to be a cute and fun character to play with as well as a way to learn how to code.

Key points

  • KEYi Tech, the company behind Clicbot, lacks transparency
  • The cost of Clicbot is high compared with the well established competition
  • Clicbot has some shortcomings, but the early adopters happily accept them
  • Successful Kickstarter in 2020

Personal Reflections Moving Forward

  • Educational toys must be easy to use, right away
  • Educational toys must have a competitive price, especially entering a market with established players
  • Company transparency is very important
  • Advertising videos can be deceptive – when they are flashy, consumers may buy it but investors will dig deeper

See the presentation here where you can follow the reference links seen in the video:

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