A3 Venture Pitch: PhysicsIRL

PhysicsIRL is an augmented reality app that lets users see the physics at play in the world around them. This allows even complex physics to be learned through authentic experience in order to develop a conceptual understanding.

Elevator Pitch

Venture Pitch

Edit: Aug 5, 2021

I really enjoyed this project and think it would be a ton of fun (and extremely difficult) in bringing this idea to life.

With my elevator pitch I attempted to be engaging and personal.  My elevator pitch was ‘low budget’ in that there weren’t any fancy effects, for the most part it was just me talking. This was my intention to focus on a singular person who is ‘real’ opposed to a fancier video. Some people seemed to enjoy this while others did not, so it is hard to say which format is best.

With my venture pitch, I wanted to create a brochure style showcase where viewers are free to choose their own pace as well as what areas interest them. My pitch deck was image primary and I struggled on the few words that I could write. With the minimal words, I doubted if I communicated my ideas well enough – a lot of information I did not explicitly say but conveyed through images and I hope the ideas got across. On this note, I received positive feedback from my peers who shared it was indeed enough information and that the concept was well described.

Some things I think would be valuable in a future pitch would be a better app screen, with arrows and details explaining how it works. I believe a better focus on how I plan to enter the market would make a more convincing pitch.

I found it difficult to objectively look and evaluate my own idea. I recognize an unhelpful attachment to the idea of PhysicsIRL which makes it difficult to explore the downsides of it, especially when new information is provided. My thoughts automatically jump to defend the idea/product. That being said, this kind of confidence (and/or ‘tunnel vision’) can be motivating on the path of an entrepreneur as obstacles occur.

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  1. luke pereira

    Hi Adrian – I’m sorry, but how is this not out there already ! 🙂 This would have been a god sent for me in my high school years since physics was not my strong suite. But i loved the pace, the explanation and the app itself. I see future of education in many of the slides where textbooks and reading are being replaced by apps to better teach concepts and learning quickly. If this can be done in physics, imagine what it can do for all other STEM sciences. I loved the market entry points graph. I found some of the arrows to advanced stuck, maybe browser but was able to see all the slides.

    From the wise words of the meme community – Take my money! 🙂

    Great job!

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    1. Adrian Granchelli

      Hi Luke,

      Thanks for the feedaback. I’m glad you liked the pace, I was worried that I didn’t have enough of an explanation of the app. Thanks for the input on arrow/clicking problems – I’m not sure what to do or if I can do anything about it.

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  2. Siobhán McPhee

    Hi Adrian,

    I love this idea! Physics was the science subject that challenged me the most in school. Although I really liked maths and was good at it, Physics was always so abstract. I appreciate what you are trying to do with the PhysicaIRL App. I definitely believe that there is a market for this. Not only because it is a novel idea but also just generally in the educational field there is an admission that experiential hands-on learning is best.
    Specifically on your presentation: don’t be in the elevator pitch video rather just use you voice and the images. Your genially platform venture pitch is really great – clear and concise. The aim of the app is clear as is the market. I particularly commend you on identifying both the strength and the weaknesses of PhysicsIRL! I agree that K-12 is a tough market to break into, but I think the fact that you associate your idea with games and individual students/children using it makes it possible.

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    1. Adrian Granchelli

      Hi Siobhán,
      Thanks for the feedaback – physics can indeed be so abstract and not actually linked to real-life. In future elevator pitches I will take your feedback and work on it. To a certain extent though (maybe not the whole time) I think it is important to be in an elevator pitch to show the people behind it, but I guess everyone has a preference on what they find convincing. Ultimately, each person would need a tailored elevator pitch, if you know what they like. Thanks, I really liked using Genially for this, glad the app and market came across clearly.

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  3. Adrian Granchelli

    I just saw this on Reddit and had to share. Augmented reality for chemistry elements and molecules.


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  4. markmpepe

    Hi Adrian, I love this idea! I liked how the elevator and venture pitch had the graphics of what the app would look like on screen. The elevator pitch was well spoken, and the use of genially was a great idea for the venture pitch. That presentation format is brief with a lot of information. I also like the versatility especially the athletic component. I grew up playing sports and was powerlifting regularly up until covid; I am fascinated. I’d love to see the physics behind a gymnast, sprinter, baseball players, and more. I also like the idea of reinvesting into product research and experiential education. Great work. -Mark

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    1. Adrian Granchelli

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the feedback. Definitely used some photoshop magic for the in-app view. The athletic application is also what inspired this idea. I’ve been really into rock climbing lately and it’s just all a physics problem when you take a step back. Someone shared on Reddit a really cool animated tool for rock climbing which inspired this: https://potocpav.github.io/climbing-model/
      With powerlifting I bet PhyscisIRL would highlight the need for good form.

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  5. tiffany ku

    Where has this been all my life. Wow!! As a science degree student that was not exposed to physics until first year of university, physics was ESPECIALLY hard. It certainly takes time and practice to recognize where/how physics plays a role in pretty much everything. Your pitch video was very engaging and you did a great job explaining the pain point for your venture. You also did a wonderful job of emphasizing the versatility of your product, I can already name 4-5 different courses that can easily integrate your product in the curriculum! I would invest in this. Great job Adrian!

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    1. Adrian Granchelli

      Hi Tiffany,

      Thanks for the feedback. You are definitely not alone, so many people find physics challenging. Hopefully with such a tool, a student/user will also see how physics is everywhere and how versatile that mindframe is.

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  6. Joyce Lo

    Hi Adrian, what an awesome idea! Physics was the subject that was hardest for me to understand when I was in high school. Even though physics is everywhere and we experience it everyday all the time, it is still so abstract. Good job in your elevator pitch. It got me hooked and interested in wanting to find out more about PhysicsIRL. The way you presented worked well. You showed yourself speaking clearly at a good pace, incorporated videos/images, and showed how the PhysicsIRL app works. Your venture pitch slides were nicely put together. They were visually appealing and had the right amount of information. I really liked the ‘Market Entry Points Diagram’. In your pitch, you mentioned PhysicsIRL is considered a fun app. When I think of a fun app, I think of game-based learning. Perhaps I missed it, but is it possible to add in a gaming component to the app? I was thinking instead of just displaying what the app has analyzed for movements and actions, it can have a mode for users to choose/enter the correct answer to fill in the blanks. Stars could be collected for correct answers to earn badges. Overall, I really like your venture concept. Nice job, Adrian!

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    1. Adrian Granchelli

      Hi Joyce, Thanks for the feedback. You are definitely not alone, so many people find physics challenging and there is such a disconnece between classroom physics and how it applies to life sadly. Regarding the ‘fun’ app, I was extremely broad with it, I could’ve definitely been more specifc. The ‘fun’ I was intially thinking of was less in the direction of games and more like image manipulation apps, etc. Adding a gaming element would be so great though, nice idea 🙂

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  7. michael orlandi

    Hi Adrian,

    Your presentation was great! Both the elevator and venture pitch were easy to follow and gave a great deal for information.

    I’m a shop teacher at the high school level, and sometimes shop classes can cross over with engineering. One time, I was filling in for a teacher and had 2 block of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math). Basically, I had students in a shop class and had to produce projects involving these subjects. So for one project I went with building truss bridges. Student had to calculated the forces acting on each member with a specific weight attached to the bridge. I had to put in tons of prep as I don’t have a background in the area. PhysicsIRL would have been so useful in this situation with analyzing each bridge. I would definitely invest in your proposal.

    Again, great job!

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  8. Philip Ihewuokwu

    Hi Adrian, great pitch. My apologies for the late response. Certainly, my love for the sciences also made me your pitch idea resonate with me. I think this would make a good product, and you did a fantastic job with capturing all the key points for a venture pitch. The problem, opportunity, competition and the ask was clear and I appreciate the timeline for launching the product to market. Great pitch!

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  9. paul johnson

    The video was great. I enjoyed the presentation and it accomplished the goal to peek interest. Not sure if these pitches are the place for this content but I wonder what development of solutions would entail for immersive experience that utilizes AR beyond pictures with force diagrams.

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  10. joseph kwan

    Hi Adrian, I think it’s really cool how you’re introducing a subject that’s confusing/challenging for many (including myself) & providing solutions. I am not a science guy & appreciate how you’re able to present this subject in a casual & fun manner. This goes a long way to helping alleviate worries & anxiety for people who are not subject matter experts in Physics. I look forward to seeing how you’ll bring this wonderful idea to life! Take care, Joseph.

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