A3 – Starlink: internet for the oppressed citizens in totalitarian regimes

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  1. Nathan Bishop

    I completely agree that a decentralized internet is a core component of freedom. As we are seeing in Ukraine right now, Starlink internet is allowing the world to see what is really going on over there and helping Ukraine to fight back against the information warfare coming from Russia. I do think this would be useful in countless other situations; those that you mentioned like China and North Korea are great examples. You mentioned this in your reflection, but I was immediately worried about governments simply driving around and destroying the satellites. Since the satellite needs something like 180 degrees of sky view, it would be hard to set these up anywhere hidden (although you could hide it during the day and set it up in the dark). I also wondered about how users could receive the packages in places like North Korea, where I assume everything passes through the government for inspection before getting into the hands of the people. I am also concerned the cost of the satellite may be too high for many to access. I believe they just increased the cost to around 700 CAD. Hopefully, as the new leader of Starlink, you are able to find a way to produce the satellites at a lower cost to make it more accessible. This is something I would invest in; although there are challenges, it is a very worthy cause.

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  2. alexis reeves

    Review: Hi Hassae, upon reviewing your elevator pitch, I liked that you used VideoScribe for it and the music and visuals fit well to convey the idea. I did notice you didn’t introduce yourself in it, which I would’ve liked to have seen considering your impressive background. I also like the idea behind taking over Starlink in order to change the direction and bring more freedom to the people in oppressed societies. You provided thorough research in your venture pitch demonstrating your understanding and capability of leading the company. I was unclear on what the ask was however and would’ve liked to know how the product would be delivered to these heavily guarded countries (via charities?). Perhaps adding more information in this regard would help sway future investors to invest in this decision. Therefore I would like to recommend you for funding pending these clarifications.

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  3. mstr

    FEEDBACK: Your elevator and venture pitch are very well researched and presented. I definitely agree that a reliable and uncensored internet connection is lacking and much needed in many parts of the world. Your venture will entice investors with a passion for humanitarian efforts. My main concern is that countries with oppressive regimes will shoot th satellites down or block their signal. I don’t know if there are any viable solutions to this significant risk?

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  4. Ally Darling-Beaudoin

    FEEDBACK: Saeid, you have identified a real, serious pain point to solve, and positioned yourself as a leader of an existing venture that could certainly try and tackle some of this. The way you have told your story is compelling as well, with tie into current events. I do agree with Nathan that some form of ‘protection’ or added security would be required to safeguard this initiative. Perhaps this could be facilitated through partnerships in the applicable areas/nations? And strategically placed to begin with to assist. Either way, a worthwhile cause that I could see investment in.

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  5. Wynn Zhang

    FEEDBACK: Hi Saeid, I found your venture pitch to be extremely important to how we develop our global society in the near future. With what’s happening in the world right now, your venture is exactly what might be needed to create a more open and free internet access. I would like some clarification on two points however. Firstly, I see that you have researched into the market and have identified it to be profitable in the future with opportunities for growth. I was wondering how this market growth would function within countries that you would want to promote Starlink in. My impression of North Korea is that the ordinary citizens might not have the wealth to pay for services. I’m curious as to how you would still partake in the market share while still promote equality for those countries who are less wealthy. Secondly, I’m wondering about how you will market your product to these society who are heavily censored. My experiences in China has taught me that while we value freedom of information highly, those who are living in a totalitarian regime might not know that your product exists or even consider Starlink contains propaganda that opposes their ideologies. I think you address a very important issue and I would love to see how your venture will turn out!

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  6. Terri-Lynn McLeod

    FEEDBACK: Hi Saeid. Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful pitch. You have identified an important pain point. Uncensored access to the internet is important for everyone. Safety concerns have already been identified, and I agree that the safety of not only the satellites, but those individuals using them, is important. I am curious as to how your plan would be marketed in the identified countries, I assume this would be very difficult.

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  7. robyn godard

    FEEDBACK: Hi Hassae! What an interesting idea, I really enjoyed watching your elevator pitch (very professional!) and reading through your pitch. I have not heard of Starlink before and what a unique idea to re-position their company towards this idea of providing internet to citizens in totalitarian regimes. I imagine this sort of venture could present some fairly major challenges and risks (providing a service that totalitarian regimes are trying to limit) so would be interested in learning more about what could be done to mitigate some of these risks and make sure that venture is safe for all of those involved!

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