Week 7 Launchpad: Big Data and Learning Analytics

Hello everyone,

We live in an age where we willingly agree to give up our own privacy in exchange for convenience, entertainment, and connection, it does wonders for the businesses behind these value exchanges. But can these same methods be transferred over to the education sector in a way where the benefits outweigh the costs?

This week, Alexei and I will introduce to you opportunities and ventures in learning analytics and big data. The whole thing will be hosted on this blog in the form of two informative posts. There are prompts for you to respond to at the end of each post. Feel free to also share what’s on your mind after engaging with the content.

By the end of this learning experience, you should be able to identify how learning analytics and big data are changing schools and the classroom, worthwhile ventures worth paying attention to (or starting) in the field, as well as how you can apply the principles of data and analytics in your own practice.

The first post is on learning analytics.

The second post is on big data.

In addition to the prompts, feel free to share your own discoveries and curiosities on big data and learning analytics below!


-Leon and Alexei

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