FrameVR: An immersive mobile 3D collaboration and creation space

In the last semester, I worked with a group to create a virtual field trip. While discussing the various tools we could use, one member of our team introduced us to FrameVR, which my other group members and I were unaware of. We successfully used FrameVR to develop our field trip. While we created the field trip using our desktops, the application is also available through mobile technology. So what exactly is FrameVR?

FrameVR is a mobile tool that allows users to create 3D spaces through collaboration. These spaces can be used for different functions as users themselves can set up the areas to meet the needs they require. Users can include videos, photos, photospheres, 3D models and much more, which can be customized and uploaded to the application itself.

I think the applications for education are pretty significant, our project from our previous semester being a prime example. Such platforms could help in bridging divides and providing spaces for educators to collaborate. In addition, I believe it is an excellent way to provide experiential learning and allow learners to construct knowledge themselves through developing such areas.

FrameVR is still in its beta stage, so the application is not perfect. For example, the amount and size of objects placed in the meeting environments users create can produce lag depending on the mobile connection.

There are many features. Please feel free to take a look by following the link below.

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  1. deisy castillo

    Hello Graham,
    This application is new to me, so thanks for introducing it. I thought it was necessary to master code and programming languages to create VR environments. As you said, I believe that even in its beta stage, some activities can incorporate other forms to interact with content, creating a meaningful experiences for learners.

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  2. Erica Hargreave

    Thanks Graham. Looking forward to exploring Frame VR further. Do you have a link to the VR Field Trip that you created with it?

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    1. graham herrick
      password = 510

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      1. Erica Hargreave

        Thanks Graham. Looking forward to checking this out.

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  3. graham herrick

    Hi Sam,
    I agree with you about the interface being a bit clunky. But, again, it is still in its beta stages, and they are working out many of the kinks. In terms of designing the space, we could add many different features to the space that allowed us to customize it uniquely. For example, we had instructions and guiding arrows for users to follow that allowed us to guide them through the experience and made customized large signage over each section to give users a sense of what each area was about. With 360 images and videos, when users access them, they will actually expand into the surrounding area outside the space you have designed, which I thought was pretty cool. Some aspects of the design took a bit of time getting used to, as our space had a lot of assets, sometimes it was challenging to maneuver and move assets without interfering or moving another asset by accident, and I imagine this would be even more challenging on a small mobile device like a phone. Furthermore, as I mentioned previously, the complexity of the space designed can add to loading time and create more lag when moving through the space, something I hope will improve with 5G. There is definitely lots of room for improvement; however, I think it offers lots of exciting features and possibilities for education especially considering it is a free platform, at least for the time being.

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  4. Sam Charles (He/Him/His)

    Hi Graham, thanks for sharing. I have used FrameVR as a participant and found the interface a bit “clunky”, and ended up being a little disappointed. What was your experience like designing the space? I enjoyed the ability to explore spaces and interact with colleagues, but the interface felt like playing a video game from the eighties.

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