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  1. Hi I am with you on the point that a strictly linear approach to logic modeling is a major problem in that it oversimplifies reality. It is often somewhat subtle in that tabular formats for logic models (e.g. the logframe approach as used in the international development field) force a linear approach. I have been doing a lot of work in thinking about the conventions for building logic models, approaching it strictly as a visualization problem.

    If you look at it in this way you realize that any good visualization of a logic model must: 1) allow it to be as large as necessary (no more 1 page constraint); 2) allow any element in the model to have a causal link to any other element. This requires that it be visualized in certain ways. I have a paper at which discusses in detail a convention for drawing logic models which allows them to more faithfully represent reality.


    Paul Duignan, PhD

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