Update #4: October 18, 2018

I hope autumn is treating all of you well. I have been busy with conversations – both formal and informal – with many of you over the past six weeks. In light of those conversations and the incredible work that is being done around experiential education at UBC, I am going to focus this month’s project update on sharing with everyone the events and resources that you have collectively been sharing with me. But first, here is a quick overview of the primary research I have collected so far for my institutional case study of experiential education at UBC:

  • 5 focus groups with UBC staff who support Experiential Education (32 participants thus far)
  • 7 interviews with UBC faculty who are engaged in Experiential Education (more to come!)
  • Surveys to Faculty engaged in Experiential Education (Due to be sent out at the end of October)

I plan to conduct approximately seven to ten more interviews and one more focus group, at which point I will analyze the findings, synthesize, and disseminatie / share with you. Stay tuned for that in the new year. A big thank you to those of you who have taken the time to participate in focus groups, interviews, or general knowledge sharing for this project.

Events Related to Experiential Education:

  • “Voluntourism: Critiques, Complexities, and Alternatives”[I will be moderating this panel discussion at the Liu Institute on Monday, Oct. 22 at 6pm. Panelists include four experts in global engagement, experiential learning, and higher education, including faculty members and centre directors] Link Here.
  • Winter Institute(December 4-6, 2018): Some of our community engagement colleagues will be presenting on “Preparing Students to Work with Communities.” Another related session explores ways to support inclusion and Indigeneity in the classroom. Link to sessions Here.(Registration required).:
  • Community Engagement Network Event (Oct. 25, 3pm): For UBC faculty and staff who connect with external communities through outreach and engagement. This month’s event includes a presentation from PCPE (Patient & Community Partnership for Education, based out of UBC Health). Event link Here.
  • “Disruption: A Symposium on Global Sustainable Development” Saturday, Oct. 20, 12—6pm. Link Here.
  • CCEL Lunch & Learn: Project Development with Community Partners(Oct. 25, 12pm). Email kyle.nelson@ubc.ca for more information.


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