Welcome to this blog for LIBR559m. Just posted this mini-bio in the discussion forums of Vista:


I’m Jamie and I started at SLAIS in September 2010. I just completed my practicum at the British Film Institute Library in London on Friday (it was wonderful). In fact, I’m not even back in Vancouver yet, having made a pit stop here in Toronto to visit relatives. I also work at Vancouver Public Library as an on-call Library Assistant, with previous experience working at public and academic libraries in Edmonton, my hometown. When all’s said and done, I’m leaning towards work in public libraries but a film-related library would be just peachy too. 

I’m relatively active in social media… you can find me on:
Google Plus
-and I’m sure if you dig around you can find abandoned forays into Tumblr, LiveJournal, Myspace, etc.

I also used to write a music blog for 5 years which went on indefinite hiatus around the time I came back to school.

Looking forward to meeting you all, online and/or offline!

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