Syllabus (1): THE COURSE
description & objectives, required materials, assessment, schedule


Summary of 2020-04-12 changes:
—the final exam is OPTIONAL
—the final exam is a remote honour-code limited-open-book take-home, open for 24 hours
—if you choose to do the exam and its mark raises your final grade, then the exam mark counts
—if you choose not to do the final exam, or if your mark would lower your final grade: the pre-exam 60% becomes the final grade, without changing the proportional weighting of each assignment
—see also: emails in week of 2020-04-06 + Révisions et examen final *optionnel*

Summary of 2020-03-16 changes:
—classes and office hours are now online
—test 2 and final exam online: remote honour-code take-home
—attendance and technology etiquette policies waived
savoir-vivre change: removal of requirement for 3 visits to the FHIS Learning Centre (or equivalent in-person interaction in French), as the LC is now closed
—late work policy waived: no late penalties, all due dates are now flexible, late work WILL be accepted

FREN 101

FREN 102

Syllabus (2): THE RULES
general aims & objectives, expectations & responsibilities, grading criteria, academic integrity & avoiding plagiarism, late & missed work, and quick links to UBC rules, policies, etc.

Syllabus (3): HELP
resources for help in the FHIS department (including your instructor and your course coordinator), academic advising, student support (including the AMS), the Centre for Accessibility, further University services, and wellbeing