Organisation du cours / syllabus

Mardi & jeudi de 14h à 15h30
Buchanan D317


FREN 221 est un cours d’introduction aux littératures française et francophone. Il couvre la période du XVIIIème siècle à aujourd’hui. Quoique chronologique, l’approche pourra être également générique ou thématique. Il ne s’agit ni d’un cours de grammaire, ni de conversation. Néanmoins la composition écrite et la participation en classe seront primordiales.


Françoise de Grafigny, Lettres d’une Péruvienne (GF-Flammarion, ISBN 9782080703798
Gustave Flaubert, Un coeur simple (GF-Flammarion, ISBN 9782080723048)
Marie Laberge, Aurélie, ma soeur (Boréal, ISBN 9782890524825)
Marie Darrieussecq, Truismes (Gallimard Folio, ISBN 9782070403073)
Poèmes, anthologie (en ligne, à venir)


Participation: 10%
Portfolio d’écriture: 25%
Examen partiel: 25%
Examen final: 40%

Juliet O’Brien
Bureau: Buchanan Tower 728
Heures de permanence: mardi de 17h à 18h30, jeudi de 16h à 17h30, et sur rendez-vous

Description (version in English)

In this survey course of representative works of French and francophone literature from the 18th-century to present, students will familiarize themselves with different literary genres (novels, short stories, poetry and theatre) and techniques of literary analysis. To be taken by all students intending to proceed to the Minor, Major or Honours program in French.


FREN 123 or assignment based on placement test.

Language of instruction:

French: the class will be conducted in French; all written work is also in French.

See also:

  • Grading and assignments
  • Course aims and objectives, expectations, The Social Contract, grading criteria, policy on late and missed work, and a reminder of UBC policy on plagiarism
    = LES OBJECTIFS ET ATTENTES (O’Brien standardized version across courses, in English)
  • Week-by-week schedule of readings and assignments, including the date and place of final exam (once available)

Note about tutors:

Students who employ tutors for remedial work in this course should be aware that departmental policy limits the work of tutors to remedial work and to review of material already covered in class. Tutors should not be asked to comment on or to edit assignments before they are handed in.

Some of this section’s work may involve visits to the French Writing Centre (on a voluntary, optional basis): this is not tuttoring.

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