Welcome to the CPD course “Global Citizenship Education Otherwise

The aims of this course are to

  1. develop more complex analyses of global issues
  2. engage with uncertainty and multiple perspectives
  3. become more aware of how we are part of the problem and the solutions to global issues
  4. expand frames of reference, recognising contributions from different knowledge systems
  5. engage from theory to practice and practice to theory
  6. open our social and ecological imaginations, to imagine different futures
  7. build deeper relationships with historically marginalised people and communities
  8. re-ignite our sense of connectedness and responsibility towards each other and our planet

If you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • ask qualitatively different types of questions in relation to the pedagogy of global learning and global citizenship education;
  • form qualitatively new kinds of sensibilities and alliances that embody principles and practices of global learning;
  • engage constructively with the difficult issues that emerge in processes of deep intercultural, intergenerational, and intersectional learning and change;
  • work with diverse students in dis-solving cognitive, affective, relational, economic, and ecological inequalities.

This course was designed to help you build resilience and confidence to engage with complex issues, to develop multi-dimensional thinking, and to negotiate asymmetries in global learning environments. It will also offer tools to support students to ask different questions about development and to identify the gifts and limitations of different knowledge systems. This is an online course consisting of an introduction (1 hour) and 4 modules (2.5 hours each): education; development; sustainability; global change. Teachers can choose to complete any 2 modules to receive a certificate.