Video: education

Tutorial: 26th April

Social cartography: HEADS UP

Proposed exercise: Watch all or part of the documentary “schooling the world” and use the HEADS UP table to identify when the documentary challenges and/or reproduces the problematic patterns identified. Write a short reflection on this exercise under “comments“.

Recommended reading (optional):

Possible activities for students:

  • Black Mirror series: what critique of education could be implicit in the episode “Men Against Fire”?
  • Students in Canada created the “National Youth White Paper on Global Citizenship” in response to the following questions: 1. What are our obligations as global citizens? What are the rights and responsibilities that we have? 2. To what extent can well-intentioned global citizenship initiatives reinforce or resist power inequities? 3. What types of policies/practices will enable/facilitate global citizenship? The questions were identified by the institutions that helped young people organize, but the answers point to youth requesting critical approaches to GCE. What kinds of questions, processes and “products” would be possible in your context?


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