If you have already looked into it or are just delving in, UBC has a plethora of courses available to you. The upside of this is you can really explore and broaden your horizons through classes that tailor to your interests, but it can also be a little bit overwhelming at first when you’re forced to actually choose. For my first year I made sure I did a lot of research reading up on course descriptions, Major qualifications, prerequisites etc. No need to worry if you have no idea what you’re planning on majoring in, your first year is typically dedicated to testing the waters! For now I’ve provided you with the eclectic classes I decided to take:

Term 1:

SCAN 100– Swedish Language

  • great for a beginner course
  • fun and entertaining

GEOG 121– Human Geography; Modernity and Globalization 1

  • covers time period 1500-1945
  • similar to a history course
  • challenging but rewarding, you learn a lot

VISA 182– Studio Art 1

  • technical based work- figure drawing, still life etc.
  • if you’re looking for an easy credit or a ‘bird course’ this is not for you
  • skill level required

ASTU 150– Arts Studies in Writing

  • a useful course
  • analyzing scholarly articles and the techniques used within them
  • learn how to properly write a summary and research paper


And lined up for Term 2:


SCAN 110– Swedish Language (follow up)

  • building on term 1 knowledge
  • moves at a faster pace
  • equally as fun and entertaining

GEOG 122– Human Geography; Modernity and Globalization 2

  • covers time period 1945 and onwards
  • less challenging than Geog 121 (personal opinion)
  • great introduction to contemporary issues

VISA 183– Studio Art 2

  • conceptual based class (focus on ideas, themes, symbolism and meaning of art)
  • gets you thinking outside of the box
  • approx. 1 project per week
  • 3hr studio with a corresponding lecture

VISA 110– Foundation Computing for Visual Arts

  • works with Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut-Pro
  • great if you want to expand some preexisting knowledge of these programs
  • conceptual based
  • 3hr studio and corresponding lecture

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