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UBC Does Harlem Shake

Hey ya’ll just checking in quick before my reading break officially kicks off tomorrow! So what is the Harlem Shake you ask? It’s basically a dance that was created and uploaded to the internet about 3 weeks ago, featuring an excerpt from the song “Harlem Shake” by electronic musician Baauer. Once it hit YouTube and Facebook the dance went viral and especially when universities across North America decided to reenact it.

So if you haven’t already seen UBC’s version of the Harlem Shake, check it out here:


Oh It’s On Second Semester!

WELCOME BACK YA’LL! Just a mini update while we all begin settling back into life at UBC.

Woooo, after finishing those first university exams and studying past every limit you thought existed, the much needed and awaited winter holiday break was here. I spent my 2 weeks relaxing and catching up with family and friends (no surprise) back in Ontario where we celebrated our usual Christmas festivities. But as much as I enjoyed reuniting with old friends and spending countless hours cuddled up on the couch, it was finally time to come back home, my new home. OH did it feel so good! Vancouver always kind of has a way of surprising you and I was in for just that when to my delight it was actually sunny on campus the very first day of the new year (I think it’s a good sign). I started classes yesterday which I am actually extremely excited about. Although many of the classes are similar if not the same as last term there’s still always something new to learn. All my professors seem intriguing and its safe to say we’re off to a good start. Things are already falling back into place and I could not be happier.

Happy new year to all and BRING. IT. ON term 2!!

Wake Up The RIGHT Way

Good mornin’ ya’ll, nothin’ like some fun music to get you going on those dreaded mornings before an 8am lecture… or in my case 10am (that’s plenty early)

Join me….


Gettin Down on Friday?

I’ve been waiting all week for today to finally arrive! Then again, who doesn’t wish for Friday…. This Friday IS special however, because its post term 1 midterms, wooooo! I don’t know about you guys, but leaving the room of an exam has got to be on my top five list of most satisfying moments. It’s over, it’s done, there’s nothing left for you to do. Which is somewhat assuring, especially if you know it wasn’t you’re best performance. The stress has officially ended and I couldn’t be more excited to relax. I even had free time last night, which is a little unheard of… OR maybe just reflective of my poor time management and perhaps that procrastination degree I’m minoring in.

None the less, all that free time provided the perfect opportunity for my friend and I to spend half an hour of our night hopelessly wandering around the library, in search of…. (drum roll please) THE “HARRY POTTER ROOM”. What is this, you ask? Well rumour has it there is a room, situated in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, that resembles the commons rooms you see in the Harry Potter movies. Did we know it would be such a mission to find the room? Not at all. Did we look like weirdos circling the 3rd and 4th levels of the library over and over? A little… After some awkward attempts at asking some civilians, or who we thought at least went to this school…I finally just asked a librarian if she knew where the “Harry Potter” room was. At first she sort of just questioned my sanity, then laughed a little, then finally proceeded to tell me there was something called the Ridington room on the 3rd floor, and to try that out. I think she was right. It didn’t exactly live up to my expectations, but folks I will say its not too shabby. The room is open, cozy, it even has a spiral staircase, and some chairs that might resemble a posh-er version of what Dad might sit in at home. Check. It. Out.

I also spent my Thursday downloading some new music. A little Ellie Goulding, a little Theophilus London, some James Vincent McMorrow, and Angus and Julia Stone (a random assortment, I know). I have come to the conclusion that I must have some weird subconscious ability to predict the weather though because clearly today’s onset of eternal mist was ready for my Angus and Julia Stone.

Speaking of which, I would also like to note that I survived my first REAL Vancouver experience today (in the rain). The reality of it all was like a splash in the face, literally. It’s hard to tell after one day, but I think I understand that “bone chilling moisture” and “slanted rain” stigma of Vancouver weather, or at least far better than before, when I would try to imagine it on sunny days aka. every day since I got here… But seriously, the diagonal spitting and spatting?! WHAT IS THAT?! Umbrellas were not designed to be held in front of your face, and I would know…. I foolishly tried that all day. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it all soon, haha but then again, there really is no other alternative.

Back to the positive! Thing’s are looking good, I’ve got a weekend planned of downtown adventures, Halloween costume shopping, and some down time to relax, draw, and SLEEP. Sounds like a plan to me.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day!

Hollllllla Blog Squadders

Totem Coffee House

Totem has got some serious ass talent!

I just got back from an amazing night spent under candle light at the Totem Park Coffee House where the first, of many, open mic nights was held. A phenomenal group of students performed in front of the crowd sharing their voices, their talents and their stories. There was an eclectic combination of saxophone duos, homemade instruments, guitar rifting, opera singing, some jazz, a little banjo, Michael Jackson melodies and even a little bassoon rendition of the Backstreet Boys…. Ya that’s right you heard me… “I want it that waaaaaaay”

I am blessed that I was able to experience it. Having gone to an arts high school, nights like these make me feel at home. I love the sense of community you build with those who simply sit around you at these gatherings and the passion that echoes. These intimate atmospheres foster inspiration and creativity amongst the mass, energy flows, and people are filled with joy. I can’t begin to describe the warmth felt and shared. It just goes to show 2 things, a) being that I am a total arts nerd and b) how easy it is to feel connected, and to feel inspired by the talents of others.

Just wanted to share!

Ps. the “Saxman” as he prefers to be called, just had a jam session on the sidewalk, outside my bedroom window haha, I love UBC!

My Room

At UBC there are 2 major residences for first year students: Place Vanier and Totem Park. Within each residence lie different houses (this is just to break up the living spaces). In Vanier I believe there are about 12 houses and in Totem there are 8. But the BEST part of it all is where q’ələχən (QLXN for short) comes in. Yes, yes I am indeed one of the chosen ones who get to live in the newly constructed buildings on campus. Whenever asked where I live in Totem, I’ve discovered its easier just to say “that new shiny glass building” because a) unless you live here, no one recognizes the name of the building, let alone can pronounce it and b) it’s fun to marvel at the fact that you’re residence building looks like a hotel.

It’s only been about a week since I’ve lived here but it already feels like home. I didn’t think it was possible to get acquainted to a new living space that easily, but I guess I was wrong! Going into university, a lot of people are probably all experiencing some of the same fears. For instance, a common question might be, how am I going to feel comfortable living in a confined space? Or simply, how will I get used to these big changes. For many, a typical room in residence is a big change, but downsizing doesn’t necessarily mean downgrading.

I’ve posted some pictures of my room so you can see!

If you’re one of those people who takes pictures of their meticulously crafted plate of food or admires a good quality, handcrafted Moleskine notepad, then maybe you’ll appreciate my design choices……

Ubc residence

My bed and personalized frames from home, also a world map because I love to travel!

ubc residence bathroom, totem park

Spacious bathroom vanity. In Qlxn (residence building) there are 2 single rooms connected by a washroom which you share with someone else. These are called connected singles.