Totem Coffee House

Totem has got some serious ass talent!

I just got back from an amazing night spent under candle light at the Totem Park Coffee House where the first, of many, open mic nights was held. A phenomenal group of students performed in front of the crowd sharing their voices, their talents and their stories. There was an eclectic combination of saxophone duos, homemade instruments, guitar rifting, opera singing, some jazz, a little banjo, Michael Jackson melodies and even a little bassoon rendition of the Backstreet Boys…. Ya that’s right you heard me… “I want it that waaaaaaay”

I am blessed that I was able to experience it. Having gone to an arts high school, nights like these make me feel at home. I love the sense of community you build with those who simply sit around you at these gatherings and the passion that echoes. These intimate atmospheres foster inspiration and creativity amongst the mass, energy flows, and people are filled with joy. I can’t begin to describe the warmth felt and shared. It just goes to show 2 things, a) being that I am a total arts nerd and b) how easy it is to feel connected, and to feel inspired by the talents of others.

Just wanted to share!

Ps. the “Saxman” as he prefers to be called, just had a jam session on the sidewalk, outside my bedroom window haha, I love UBC!

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