Weekly Objectives and Achievements 

Welcome back to our blog!

Since the last blog, many accomplishments have been made by our group for the Gordon Neighbourhood House Resource Guide. During the past two weeks, our group has met up with our community partner (Stephanie) and had updated her of our recent change of scope in our project. At the time, we felt terrible informing Stephanie of the news, however, Stephanie was very understanding of our positions due to the time restriction for this project. As a result, we are now responsible for researching into possible formats that the resource guide could follow instead of posting the information up on the internet for them. 

Also, we established a timeline for this month to allow ourselves to complete our tasks in a timely manner.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.17.30 PMWe dedicated two weeks for data collection, two weeks for data verification and the remaining week for preparation of the presentation. We have been collecting data from organizational websites and have been taking notes on information that required more clarifications. We categorized the data on an excel spreadsheet, which will be helpful in carrying out our following week’s objectives.

For the next two weeks, we will be working on confirming the validity of our data through phone calls and emails with programs and organizations. We have scheduled a group meeting for next Monday during our LFS 350 flexible learning period to make the phone calls together. Also, as a secondary plan to the phone calls, emails would be made for whom we are unable to reach out to.


Event Response Rating
Group members’ perceived project successes and failures

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.21.46 PM

This graph shows the fluctuating feelings of our five different group members (each colour corresponds to a different group member) over the course of this project (events are in chronological order.) The vertical line indicates the current event/assignment (this blog entry.) Beginning the course, our group had varying feelings, however there was a general feeling of optimism (i.e. increased rating) after we met each other, this continued as we were assigned our project and met with Stephanie, our community partner at Gordon Neighbourhood House. As we made our way through the semester, the feelings of the group members began to diverge.  This is due to us all having separate schedules with various levels of class, work, and extracurricular commitments. We all agreed that the ‘Scope Change’ of the project (removing the presentation aspect of the Resource Guide) eased some of the pressure from the project that was making us feel overwhelmed, so everybody was feeling relatively pleased about this. However, shortly after, most of us were caught by surprise by the AER outline–seen by a sharp decrease in 4 out of 5 lines–as it was during a period of the semester that was quite busy for all of us (midterms, papers, presentations, oh my!) and a few of us were a bit confused by the requirements of the assignment and struggled with choosing our topics. Collectively, we’re feeling a bit better now that this tough time is over, which leaves us at the present time: Blog 3. Our ratings past this point are projections, so it can be seen on the graph that we differ in how we are feeling about the success of the rest of the project. Fortunately, we can use this information to ensure that our group feels confident about the finish of our group and this project.


The Graceful Dismount
A Strategy for Success

Our confidence has been brought up by the exceptional team work between our group mates. Even though email was the only form of communication between us, we were still able to excel on our tasks due to our professionalism. In terms of strategies for a graceful dismount, we will be making sure that group members will be contributing equally by the end of this project. We will also be meeting more frequently to allow even better communication between group members and to make sure everyone is on track with their tasks. These strategies may sound very ordinary, but it has been proven to be very impactful given the fact that this was the system we used up until this point. As a result, our project is on track, and by using our current method of communication and work ethics, the project is on its way to success!

Linkage to Class Material 
Our target for the project is to create a resource guide that will provide helpful information that public make use of. However, the usefulness of the resource guide remains unknown to us as we are only collecting the data quantitatively. Our quantitative data compiles of only the time, location and description of the programs, thus, in order for the public to use the resource guide to its fullest potential, it would be nice if we could also conduct some qualitative research. For example, surveying people to see how they will utilize and what they would like to see in a resource guide will give us valuable inputs into the resource guide. Together with the quantitative research, the resource guide will benefit the community to a greater degree as it includes the experiences and suggestions from the community itself.
Next Time
Our next blog will be the last blog for our project, so please stay tuned for the executive summary of our final report paper that will be included in the blog! Thank you for catching up with us! See you later!