Graduate Students

Current Ph.D. Students

Kyle Loewen Warehousing, supply chains, politics and logistics
James Pangilinan Histories of Humanitarianism in Philippines
Kirsten McIlveen Women in Prison and Postsecondary Education
Rachel Brydolf-Horwitz Care-ceral technologies and robotic intimacies

Current MA Students

Gabriele Dumpey Woolever

Yardain Amron

Completed Supervisions

University of British Columbia

2021 Cavlan Erengezgin Coloniality and Solidarity: Relationship between the Turkish Feminist Movement and the Kurdish Women’s Movement since the 1980s Sessional Instructor, UBC
2021 Kelsey Johnson Blood work: Racial economies of plasma extraction in the American South University of Toronto Postdoc.
2020 Vanessa Banta Risky Investments: Turning Return Migrants and National Heroes Into Entrepreneurs in the Philippines University of Toronto Postdoc.
2020 Juliane Collard Conceiving Abnormality SSHRC Postdoc., University of Bern
2019 Jessica Hallenbeck The Water We Call Home: Five Generations of Indigenous Women’s Persistence Along the Salish Sea SSHRC Postdoc., SFU
2019 Sarah Zell Outsourcing the Border: Recruiters and Sovereign Power in Labour Migration to Canada Assistant Professor, Dept of Urban and Inner City Studies, University of Winnipeg
2017 May Farrales Basketball, Beauty Pageants and the Sexualities of Filipinos in Canada Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University
2012 Elizabeth Lee Foreign-Born Soldiers and the Ambivalent Spaces of Citizenship
2010 Caleb Johnston Unmapping the Metropolis: urban restructuring, governmental logics, and Adivasi rights in liberalizing Ahmedabad Senior Lecturer, University of Newcastle
2009 Chris Harker Placing Palestine: Homes, Families and Mobilities in Birzeit Lecturer, UCL Institute of Global Prosperity
2008 Jade Boyd Dancing Out of Place: Geographies of Performance and Vancouver’s Independent Nightlife Assistant Professor, BC Centre of Substance Use, UBC
2006 Cheryl Dunkley Nature Discipline: The Practice of Wilderness Therapy at Camp E-Wen-Akee Associate Professor, U of Vermont
2006 Eric Olund White-watching Lecturer, University of Sheffield
2005 Mary Subedar When States Design: Making Space on Native Reserves  Architect
2000 Nadine Schuurman Critical GIS: Theorising an Emerging Science Professor, Simon Fraser University
1995 Deborah Leslie Advertising: Between Economy and Culture Professor, University of Toronto
1995 Robyn Dowling Placing Identities Professor, Associate Dean Research, Sydney University
1994 Michael P. Brown Locating Citizenship Across the City Politics of AIDS in Vancouver Professor, University of Washington
1993 Stacy Warren The City as Theme Park Professor, University of Eastern Washington
2021 Jonas Pinzon Osorio Geographies of Waiting: The (Im)mobilities of Venezuelan Migrant Women in Colombia Researcher, Wosk Centre for Dialogue, SFU
2018 Nicole Molinari Bare Care: Working Within/Reworking Restructured Long-term Care Researcher, Hospital Employees Union
2018 Belle Cheung Still Different: Exploring the Relationship between Multiculturalism, Cultural Policy, and Artistic Expressions of Diversity in Vancouver Theatre Social/Cultural Planner, City of Vancouver
2017 Debolina Majumder Footnotes to a Conflict? Rethinking Questions of Class and the State in Post Accession Jammu and Kashmir Currently doing Ph.D. at Cambridge
2015 Kelsey Johnson Performing the Nation at the Frontier: Filipino Migration and Settlement in Whitehorse, Yukon Completed Ph.D. at UBC
2013 Juliane Collard Tracing knowledge of the law: The Missing Women Commission of Inquiry  Completed Ph.D. at UBC
2011 Michael Thomason The Politics of Accounting for Refugees
2011 May Farrales Holding Spaces: Geographies of Filipino-Canadians’ Educational Experiences Completed Ph.D. at UBC
2008 Roza Tchoukaleyska Organic Food Production in France Completed Ph.D. at Sheffield University
2006 Deborah Watt An interrogation of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s The Gates, Central Park, New York, 1979-2005, or a spectral of socialist realism in the new economy International Research Development UBC
2006 Caleb Johnston Theatre in Praxis: situating Boal, grassroots democracy and transnational connections.  Published as ‘Fieldnote: Gujarat, India’ Women’s Studies Quarterly 34 (2006), and as co-authored papers: G. Pratt and C. Johnston, ‘Turning Theatre into Law, and Other Spaces of Politics’ Cultural Geographies (2007); G. Pratt and C. Johnston ‘Putting Play to Work’ in Politics and Practices in Economic Geography (eds. A. Tickell, E. Sheppard, J. Peck, and T. Barnes), Sage, London. Completed Ph.D. at UBC
2005 Johanna Long (En)Planting Israel: Jewish National Fund Forestry and the Naturalisation of Zionism. Paper completed during MA coursework published as ‘Border Anxiety in Palestine-Israel’ Antipode 38 (2006), and received the Glenda Laws MA paper prize, 2005. Completed Ph.D. at Queen Mary University of London
2004 Elia Kirby Carneyland  Elia Kirby Productions
2004 Chris Harker Witnessing Untitled. Published as ‘A Close and Unbreachable Distance: Witnessing Everything and Nothing’ ACME (2007) 6, 51-72. Completed Ph.D. at UBC
2000 Jamie Winders Imperfectly Imperial: northern travel writers in a postbellum American south. Published as: ‘White in all the wrong places: white rural poverty in the postbellum US South’ Cultural Geographies (2003) 10, 45-63; ‘Imperfectly Imperial: Northern Travel Writers in the Postbellum U.S. South,1865-1880’ Annals of the AAG (2005) 95, 391. Completed Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky. Professor, Syracuse University
2000 Jennifer England Representing the Production of Space: Aboriginal Women in Downtown Eastside, Vancouver. Published as ‘Disciplining Subjectivity and Space: Representation, Film, and its Material Effects’ Antipode (2004) 36. Director, Women’s Directorate, Government of Yukon
1999 Trina Bester Negotiating Parenthood and Places of Care in Vancouver, B.C.
1997 Nicola Hicks Cinema for Where You Live: Spectatorship, Subjectivity and Space
1995 Roneen Marcoux Taking it to the Streets
1992 Suzanne Reimer Flexibility and the Public Sector Completed Ph.D. at Cambridge University
1991 Robyn Dowling Shopping and Femininity Completed Ph.D. at UBC
1990 Michael P. Brown Reconstructing the Theory of Local Autonomy Completed Ph.D. at UBC
1988 Cecile Badenhorst Lacrosse: A cultural process Completed Ph.D. at Queens University
Postdoctoral Fellows
2020 Tara Cookson Assistant Professor,  UBC School of Public Policy and Global Affairs
2017 Jennifer Bagelman  Experiential Geographies of Emergency Food Provisioning in Immigrant and First Nations Communities Lecturer, University of Newcastle
2016 John Paul Catungal Straight Ally in Queer Politics Assistant Professor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, UBC
2012 Judy Han South Korean and Korean American Evangelical Missionaries Assistant Professor, Gender Studies, UCLA
2009 Nadia Abu-Zahra Family Reunification, Palestine Assistant Professor, International Development and Global Studies, University of Ottawa

Clark University

1989 Bob Scarfo Transforming the Meaning of Space: The Socialization of Professional Landscape Architects
1987 Stacy Warren Housing and Ideology: The Menace of the Three-Decker Completed Ph.D. at UBC