Resumés, CVs, & Portfolios

Resumés, CVs and Portfolios are all ways that we present our work and ourselves to a professional audience. These forums have emerged as ways people convey a unified picture of who they are and what they have accomplished. Creating a resume, CV, or portfolio is a continuous process, and periodically needs to be updated.


In the digital age it is also increasingly common and expected for people to create websites where they share their work. UBC Arts has recently supported students in developing eportfolios. There are many resources that are available to help students who want to craft an online portfolio of their work, and I encourage students to use this tool to help think about who you are as a scholar and to present your audience with an overview of the kind of projects and learning you engaged with at UBC. UBC Sociology also offers workshops on career planning and portfolios and students should watch for these and take advantage of them.


CVs or Curriculum vitae are an academic resume. They are different from a traditional resume, and require quite a bit of thought to put together.

McGill University has an excellent guide for writing a C.V. here.

Purdue University also has a strong guide.


Students often have more experience writing resumes, but remember that when writing it for a professional program, you really want to emphasize the kinds of experiences that will help support your case for admission.

UBC has developed resources to help students write both resumes and CV’s.

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