This site is for UBC Arts students who are considering applying to graduate programs – both professional programs, like law school or educational degrees, and academic programs like masters or Phds in sociology. You will find resources and information to help you make an informed decision about graduate programs. This information is designed to be supported by an ongoing monthly face-to-face workshop in the Department of Sociology. Some of the information is more about Sociology programs, and my knowledge is deepest in my own discipline, but lots of this information is relevant to students in other areas. Students (current and alumni) are welcome to use this site and everyone is invited to attend the monthly workshops where we come together to discuss the application process and provide support to one another. We ┬áhave a loosely organized agenda ┬áthat allows for students to ask questions. Grad students often attend these workshops and provide their own insights, and faculty from other departments are invited to share their perspectives. If you are a grad student or faculty member who would like to come and provide insights into the application process (which would be AWESOME!), please contact Kerry Greer in Sociology (kerry.greer@ubc.ca). Students can also contact her if they have specific questions.

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