HERG Presentations at EDST Research Day 2018

HERG Ignites EDST Research Day

The Higher Education Research Group (HERG) Ignites!

April 6, 2018
EDST Research Day
Dr. Amy Metcalfe (session chair)

[“Ignite” format: 5 minute, rapid presentations]

Presenters (in alphabetical order):

Ashenafi Alemu (PhD student, EDST), “Researching” Silence in Educational Research: A (Modest) Proposal

Lisa Allen (EdD student, EDST), Being Precarious: An Autoethnographic Account of One Precarious Faculty Member’s Experience Working in Four BC Higher Education Institutions

Jed Anderson (PhD student, EDST), University Education as Ghost Town: The Decline of Higher Education in the Boundary and West Kootenay Regions of British Columbia

Takara A. Bond (PhD student, ECPS), The Interplay of Social Media Use, Academic Adjustment, and Self-Regulation

Lisa Brunner (PhD student, EDST), International Student Compliance Reporting: Higher Educational Institutions as the Eyes of the State?

Bernard Chan (MA student, EDST), Graduate Students and Parenthood: Formulating an Institutional Response

Logan Lorenz (MA student, EDST), Making Sense of the Indigenization of Student Affairs at a Canadian Higher Education Institution

Lindsey Kovacevic (MA student, EDST), Academic Capitalism and Faculty Service to the Institution

Kari Marken (PhD student, EDCP), A ‘Wicked Problem’ & ‘Wise Intervention’ in Higher Education: Storying Teaching and Learning Scholarship in the First Year Experience

Dale McCartney (PhD student, EDST), Emerging Forms of Internationalization: Pathway Colleges

Jude Walker (Assistant Professor, EDST), What Do We Mean by Research Impact?