MECH 423: Mechatronic Product Design

MECH 423 teaches the development of mechatronic products for industrial and human-centric applications. Specific topics include data acquisition, user interfaces, embedded systems, precision timing, motor control, and electronic interfaces for sensors and actuators. High-level concepts include system-level design, product conceptualization, prototyping and development, and design for manufacturing.

MECH 368: Measurement and Instrumentation

Measurement is the conversion of physical parameters to data. Instrumentation is the automation of measurement. This capability is essential in all modern industrial systems and processes. MECH 368 covers fundamental topics required to develop modern measurement and instrumentation systems including sensors, signal conditioning, and digital readout. This class follows the electronics sections in MECH 220 and 224. Materials covered are designed to provide mechanical engineering students with the framework for future self-study in this area.