MECH 423 Mechatronic Product Design

MECH 423 teaches fundamental concepts in electrical and mechanical design that enable students to develop innovative mechatronic products. Key topics include data acquisition, user interfaces, embedded systems, motor control, rapid prototyping, product innovation, and interfaces for sensors and actuators. A central aspect of the class is a final project where students take the initiative to conceive, propose, develop, and build a mechatronic product. Students are given complete latitude in proposing their projects, where ambition and creativity are encouraged and supported. After graduation, students often find these projects to be an effective demonstration of their skills, which can be leveraged into interesting jobs and careers.

Here are some example projects from previous years:

[accordions collapsible=true style=accordion-container] [accordion title=”2017″ style=”accordion-style1″]

The Plotbot
Maxwell (Zhaoshuo) Li, Minghua Wu

Benjamin Evers-Staples, Atif Shoukat Ali

Joey Limmena, Phil Pomeroy

Instrumented Climbing Wall
Alannah Yip, Kenneth Martens

3DOF Ball Balancing Stewart Platform
Jeffrey Leong, Angus Wong

CNC Cake Plotter
Samuel Berryman

Automated Buoyancy Control Device
Simon Honigmann, Adrian Spira

The Intoxicator
Alexander (AJ) Kay, Siddhant Malik

Automated Ping Pong Return Robot
Lynx Lu, Jayvee Velayo

Scott Bennett, Andrew Moon

Taylor Simpson, Nathaniel Martin

Basketball A. F.
Tiffany Tsu, Victor Lu, David Luo

[/accordion] [accordion title=”2016″ style=”accordion-style3″]

Kinetic Art Table
Jordan Wong, Daniel Lin

The Masterhand
Marshall Lu, Dale Hoban

Derek Schaper, Tyson Costa

Persistence of Vision Clock
Phillip Cho, Jian Lik Ng

Smart Mirror
Somesh Daga, Han Zhang

Automatic Guitar Tuner
Andrew Yasumiishi, Ahmed Zakaria

Bubble Shot – Bubble Team Machine
Will Tsai, Bruce Long

Intramedullary Nail Test Machine
Adrien Guichet, Joyce Teodoro

[/accordion] [accordion title=”2015″ style=”accordion-style3″]

Air Hockey Player
Johnny Li, Brian Wang

Jason Liang, Justin Lim

Sign Language Interpreter Glove
Jeffrey Chow, Jame Lee

Fluidized Bed Coffee Roaster
Chris Pertulla, Paiman Parmaei

BY Bike
Yen Po Liu, Bruno Lima

Balloon Controller
Edward Li, Jason Raymundo

Weather Clouds
James Howard, Tungesh Kapil

Sunlight Position Simulator
Zhenhe Lu, David Wong

The a-MAZE-ing Machine
Andrew Kang, Sze Kei Luk

Cue Stroke Processor
Owen Lu, Justin Li

2DOF Environmental 3D Laser Scanner
Albert Lagman, Arnold Yeung

Advanced Useless Machine
Blair Kloos, Dean Kyfiuk

[/accordion] [accordion title=”2014″ style=”accordion-style3″]

Trainable Robotic Arm
Giles Fernandes, Ajaydeep Singh

Smart Blinds
Harsh Sharma

Jordan Karyanto, Kelvin Poon

MSP430 Oscilloscope
Evan Cook

Josh Begin, Thomas Guerard

Automated Garden
Nick Reeves, Trevor Uittenbosch

Throttle by Wire
John Henderson, Katelyn Currie

Camera Stabilizer
Andrew Wong, Shen Sunny Zhong

Automatic Notebook Scanner
Anna Gabaldon, Alice Lam

Garbage Sorter
Will Rau, Simon Wu

Tea Brewer
Tom Antle, Jordan Traas

Alexander Gosselin, Francis McGee

[/accordion] [accordion title=”2013″ style=”accordion-style3″]

Robot Rubik’s Cube Solver
Kristopher De Asis, Kevin Luu

Bicycle Turn & Brake System
Eric Moller, Billy Fung

Marco Lolic, Mustafa Emre Caliskan

Mind-Controlled “Flappy Bird” Game
Victor Hok, Patrick Wong

Vision Tracking Turret
Justin Yan, Jeffrey Chiu

Automatic Paintball Gun Turret
Andrew Lim, Denise Wong

Bluetooth Vehicle Key
Joel Jansen, Christian Villar

3D Object Scanner
Jason Beatch, Jeong Hyun Lee

[/accordion] [accordion title=”2012″ style=”accordion-style3″]

Dance and Conduct with Kinect
Kenard Agbanlog, Shalaleh Rismani

Glove-Controlled Animatronic Hand
Timothy Lee, Iftikhar Azam

MIDI Instrument Controller & Air Drum Kit
Terence Woo, Tom Curran, Dan Preda

Race Car Data Logger
Graeme Adamson, Peter Xing

Door Freind
Colin Schlosser, Nico Petch

Heat Tracking Laser
Scott Bennett, Joseph Chow

Music Driven Light Show
Colten Dumonceau, Laurence Kao

Automated Light Shutter
Aline Santoso, Chao Jin, Xi Qin

Remote Control Quadcopter
Connor Schellenberg-Beaver, Andrew Pires

Line Tracking Car
Milad Ghafourzadeh Yazdi, Min Hian Tee

[/accordion] [accordion title=”2011″ style=”accordion-style2″]

Robotic Arm with Face Tracking
B. Drew

Home Power Meter
Andrew Nobles, Kevin Lowe

Inverted Pendulum Bot
Howard Zhu, Lok Tin Lam, Nasir Zulkafly

LED Musical orb
I. Tang

[/accordion] [/accordions]