2022 Inclusive Park

Mekw’ew’at Park

Mekw’ew’at Park is a biodiverse urban forest for intercultural exchange, healing and dialogue.

Robyn, Lana, Ruby, Bridget


Project Statement

Mekw’ewát Park, is a biodiverse urban forest for intercultural exchange, healing, and dialogue. Our design addresses the downfalls of gentrification, erasure, and displacement in the context of a changing neighbourhood, city, and climate by creating spaces for marginalized communities of plants, animals, and humans. We propose that the inclusive public space must entangle histories of oppression with futuristic resistance, and resilience, in its design.

Intersecting programs (plaza, playground, fire circle, community garden, and mist forest) use a decolonial perspective to incorporate food, play, and art which promote community health and interaction. Multimodal pathways weave the site into the urban grid through the Alberta Street blue-green corridor. Stormwater runoff is remediated and retained on site through interconnected streams, marshes, and ponds providing varied habitats for animals and insects. Planting strategies incorporate species which hold cultural importance within a dense tree canopy and multi-story food forest to create a climate-resilient ecosystem.

Final Poster

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