This inquiry project is interested in the basic premise of creating a respectful classroom space for its inhabitants: students and teacher. Creating an environment rooted in a foundation of respect is vital in allowing for communication to occur, and by extension learning -academic or otherwise.  Being an English and Social Studies teacher, my ideal classroom space would be dominated by conversations amongst students and the teacher. In order to have such conversations, students need to feel like they are able to try out ideas and voice personal sentiments without fear of negative judgment or personal critique from their peers. This inquiry question considers what the teacher can do as an individual to support such a learning environment based on their teaching practice.The teacher acts as a model for the behaviour that is meant to occur in the classroom, and so the teacher plays a vital role in practicing respect- emanating outwards to the students for them to adopt too.  I have grouped my conclusions into three parts: the role of the teacher, the role of the teacher education programs in supporting their teacher candidates, and then further questions about what the school community can do to help enact respect on a greater institutional level.