The Intercultural Promise, UBC’s intercultural understanding mid-level strategic plan, provides a conceptual and strategic framework to approaching intercultural issues and opportunities in a way that is more intentional, integrated and supportive—and aims to help make more successful the delivery of student learning, research excellence and community engagement.

This is not a stand-alone document, but exists as an extension of many preceding mid-level strategic plans that have come out of Place and Promise: The UBC Plan. Most importantly, this plan takes the position that advancing intercultural understanding ultimately contributes to the wellbeing and success of students, faculty and staff, and to the social sustainability of UBC.

The commitment to intercultural understanding is University-wide and applies to both the Vancouver and Okanagan campus. This document is the final draft of a plan specifically for the Vancouver campus, following six substantial revisions and presentation to the University’s Board of Governors.

This current version comes out of an extensive consultative process that is specific to the Vancouver campus. A needs assessment for the Okanagan campus has recently been completed, and the strategic goals and recommendations specific to the Okanagan campus are currently being reviewed. In the next year the strategic framework detailing the activity for the Okanagan will be integrated into this document, thereby producing a University-wide mid-level strategic plan that encompasses both campuses (v2.0).

The Intercultural Promise begins with the conceptual framework, which articulates the rationale and the need behind this commitment, provides the terms of reference and explains the supporting concepts behind what UBC aims to accomplish, and establishes the guiding values around how. This is followed by the strategic framework, which outlines the six strategic goals for the Vancouver campus and proposes a staggered approach. Each strategic goal is further explained and accompanied by recently updated actions and recommendations. This section also includes the framework for supporting faculty and for engaging in leadership and staff development, and interfaith initiatives.

The supporting appendices provide further explanation of many of the ideas in this strategic plan, including the framework for “intercultural fluency” and models of how organisations change and institutionalize diversity, equity and intercultural understanding over time.

For more information on the communications strategy and/or the current or future implementation of the recommendations, please contact:

Alden E. Habacon
Director, Intercultural Understanding Strategy Development
Office of the Provost and VP Academic
Equity and Inclusion Office
University of British Columbia

Office:  604-822-0489
Mobile: 604 825 9618

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