Unit 1 Reflection Blog

In unit one we focused working on developing our skills writing professional letters, memos and emails. We also practiced writing techniques that apply across technical and professional practices. In particular, the definitions assignment that I worked on is the first assignment that I gave a peer review.

For my definitions assignment I decided to describe the term “Distributed Systems”, because it is a term commonly used in my current workplace. As a Software Engineer, you often have to convey complex terms and scenarios to a less technical crowd. Developing my ability to describe a complex term such as “Distributed Systems” will most definitely assist my communication skills in the workplace.

During the peer review I reviewed Eric Chang’s definition of “Imaginary Numbers”. I found this term to be fairly intriguing because it is a term I’ve previously worked with in some math courses I have taken. All in all, I thought Eric’s definition was very concise and provided clear examples, however I provided a few suggestions for improvement.

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