Monthly Archives: November 2019

Unit Two Reflection Blog

I started off this unit working on my LinkedIn profile. I’ve been using LinkedIn since high school and it’s where I found a lot of job opportunities, read a lot of content and introduced myself to many people. Starting at the beginning of this unit I’ve learned a lot of practical technical writing skills which I can apply to my professional life. I focused deeply on what I’ve previously had on my LinkedIn profile and found ways to dramatically improve it. The assignment for ENGL301, allowed me to reflect back at what I’ve created on LinkedIn.  I’ve also defined a new set of criteria for me to critique LinkedIn pages in the future, which will be extremely beneficial for the purpose of career search.

During the second part of this unit I was working on my research proposal. I have always wanted to analyze ways to improve nwHacks at UBC. The opportunity to work on an analytical approach to improve student submissions is going to be great for the future success of this event. After completing this research proposal, I surely hope that the quantity of submissions increases multiple fold.