Why Do I Care about Course Design when Planning a Course on Course Design?

Teaching is often an isolated activity at our setting. Getting a group of colleagues together and facilitated rich discussions about course design and designing courses that transform learning is something I deeply care about.

What Do I Consider Essential or Critical?
* An open, safe environment where existing thoughts can be shared, supported, challenged, reinforced, defended, influenced, shattered, changed, etc
* Attention to the diverse needs of our participants
* Framework, theory, evidence in effective course design
* Exemplary teaching practices that work in different context at UBC
* Attenuated to academic culture
* An open, flexible workshop structure modeled based on frameworks such as Dee Fink, Wiggins & McTighe, etc.
* A team of open, knowledgeable facilitators who model the theories and practices


My thoughts generated during our Redesign of the Course Design Intensive offered through the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology.

Planning Online Course cc licensed (BY NC SA) Flickr photo by Giuliana Forsythe

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