This website contains CV and teaching dossier materials from myself (Jonathan Verrett). Please feel free to browse through these documents for your personal use. Please do not take and post these documents to other places without my consent. You are welcome to link to these pages and direct folks to come to the site to access them.

Note that as with any workplace, the Appoinment, Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure (ARPT) process at UBC is dynamic and changes. You will want to seek the most up to date information from the UBC Faculty Collective Agreement, the Senior Appointments Committee (SAC), your Faculty and your Department. What to include and how your dossier should be formatted changes over time and can differ by department and faculty. Typically there are workshops run by a variety of organizations on campus to help navigate this including the Educational Leadership Network, the Faculty Association, and in my case the Faculty of Applied Science. You should also be having meeting with your Department Head to go over the ARPT process.