Courses taught at UBC:

Undergraduate level:

IMG_3633GEOS 103: Our Changing Environment: Water and Landscapes

GEOS 308: Quaternary and Applied Geomorphology

GEOS 309: Geographical Sciences Field Course

GEOG 314: Analyzing Environmental Problems

GEOS 408: The Changing Cryosphere

GEOS 409: Advanced Field Methods in Geographical Sciences

Graduate level:

EOSC 595S : Graduate Climate Change Seminar

GEOS 500: Theory and Practice of Research in Geographical Sciences

GEOS 503: Analysis and Modeling in Hydrology and Geomorphology

GEOG 516: Perspectives on the Anthropocene (see our course blogs: Towards Healing in the Anthropocene and Sites of Rupture: a wayward manifesto for the Anthropocene