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Landscapes of Energy: Mon + Wed in room Geog 200 (Term 1)

Coordinator: George Rahi

Faculty Sponsor: Philippe Le Billon

The focus of this course is to examine the relationships between energy and society. Energy issues are central not only to geopolitics of empire and climate change, but also to the most banal reproduction of everyday life. Mass awareness of the challenges ahead in the face of climate change and fossil-fuel dependency has given impetus to a widespread evaluation and critique of our current relationship to energy. How have governments and individuals been able to respond to these issues within the framework of global capitalism? Does a shift to “alternative” energy require an accompanying new mode of production and social relationship to capitalism? This course will explore the social, political, and spatial impacts of the present energy mode and the implications of the next.

Seeking 3rd or 4th year students who are interested in collaborative learning/research, guest speakers and local field trips. Please contact George Rahi at with a statement of interest.

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