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Vive les artistes multilingues !

March 11, 2023

Célébrez la langue et l’identité de votre famille à travers l’art !

Les familles avec des enfants âgés de 5 à 10 ans sont invitées à participer à une activité où ils réfléchiront à leur langue tout en s’amusant !

À travers la création de plusieurs toiles, les enfants représenteront leur identité linguistique et leur environnement, qui seront ensuite travaillées en textes par notre équipe de linguistes. À la fin de l’activité, les familles pourront emporter ce précieux souvenir chez elles pour le partager avec leurs proches.

Celebrate your family’s language and identity through art!

Families with children ages 5-10 are invited to participate in an activity where they will reflect upon the languages they speak while having fun!

Through the creation of several paintings, children will represent their linguistic identity and environment. Along with our team of linguists, families will then write a short text to go along with their creation, as one might see at an art gallery. At the end of the activity, families are invited to take this precious souvenir home to share with their loved ones.

Language Latitudes Workshop

April 13-14, 2023 · 9:00-5:00 · PEÑA ROOM (301) @ UBC IKBLC

The Language Latitudes Workshop is an opportunity to engage with scholars interested in language attitudes and their social consequences. For this workshop, we focus on three specific themes: (1) social opportunities, (2) multilingualism, and (3) public voices. We will hear researchers present their up-and-coming work in these domains, and engage in group discussions on various topics related to the themes above, such as how to combat language biases and the effects of negative language attitudes.

The final session of the workshop is a working session with the goal of a large-scale collaborative project on language attitudes. As a result, we expect all attendees to join us for the full two days as our collective work will be most productive by active participation in all sessions.

Registration deadline: March 30, 2023

Celebrating Multilingualism (Vancouver)

September 9, 2023

‘Celebrating Multilingualism’ was a family-friendly event focusing on appreciating the diversity of languages spoken throughout Metro Vancouver. We invited families with children of all ages to come, listen to stories, do crafts and activities, and learn about the languages spoken in our city. Prizes of art and age graded books on multiculturalism and multilingualism were given away.

Everyday Multilingualism in Biel/Bienne

June 9, 2023

This event will be the culmination of a months-long program paired with an elementary school in Biel/Bienne where students learned about language diversity and multilingualism. Students will exhibit their final projects and demonstrate what they have learned over the program.

See our events page for more specific details about the event in English, French, German, and Italian!

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