Minutes from October 28th, 2013 Meeting

LASSA Minutes 10-28-13

Library and Archival Studies Student Association
2013-2014 School Year Meeting #4
Date: October 28, 2013
Location: SUB 212
In attendance:
Kate Clayborne (Secretary)
Sheena Campbell (Events Coordinator)
Mitchell Meler (GSS Representative)
Inti Dewey (GSS Representative)
Maria Paraschos (MAS Member-at-Large)
Matthew Murray (Webmaster)
Stephanie Dror (MACL Member-at-Large)
Helen Halbert (AMS Representative)
Sehdeep Kaur (MLIS First Year Representative)
Michael Wynne (MLIS Member-at-Large)
Kelsey Ockert
Matthew Root
Regrets (Excused):
Tracy Leung (Faculty of Arts Representative)
Grace Romund (MLIS Co-President)
Jordan Hatt (Treasurer)
Adena Brons (Dual Member-at-Large)
Meeting called to order by Sheena at 12:05 PM.
1. Approval of Minutes
A. No revisions were requested.
Approval moved by Matthew, seconded by Inti. Motion passed.
2. Accreditation Luncheon Event Report
A. Generally positive feedback. However, while all Committee members were able to get meals,
there were not enough for all students.
B. Further discussion is tabled until Grace is present.
3. AMS Report
A. Kelsey attended on meeting as a proxy for Helen.
a.AMS is encouraging each department to begin using their website for outreach:
b.Committees are being formed for various tasks regarding the new SUB building,
including a logo redesign.
B. Helen:
a. Due to the recent sexual assaults on campus, SafeWalk is extending service hours and
preparing for increased use. Until at least next week, they will be operating from 8:00
PM – 4:00 AM.
b. Upcoming referendum committee being formed. There is a position available for a
student-at-large member. Helen will send an email to Dan to advertise.
4. GSS Report (Mitchell & Inti)
A. The UBC Centre for Excellence for Aboriginal Health is looking to establish connections
between researchers and Aboriginal communities. There will possibly by job opportunities for
SLAIS students. Students can contact Mitchell for further information.
B. CITR has a recording studio available for audio work with sound technicians.
C. The University is planning to rezone half of what is currently Acadia Park for new non-student
housing. The situation is ongoing.
D. The UPass transition to the Compass Card will be happening in early 2014.
E. Alliance of BC Students: an association that any student society can join for lobbying
F. Koerner’s Pub is now open.
G. Inti will forward meeting minutes to anyone who is interested.
5. Upcoming Events
A. Halloween Party (Sheena)
a.In the event of serving alcohol, IDs will be checked at the door & wrist bands handed
out. 8 students will be needed to work the ID stations (2 students for each one-hour
b. In light of the recent sexual assaults on campus, attendees will be encouraged to leave
the party in groups and/or call SafeWalk.
i. SafeWalk posters will be placed by the entrance/exit to provide the hours and
contact information.
c.Sheena will be checking on the status of the liquor license this afternoon.
B. NCSU Info Session (Helen)
a.The NCSU representatives will be at SLAIS to hold an info session about their
fellowship program on November 7, from 11-3 PM.
b.Currently 7 people are registered and 1 person has arranged for an individual meeting.
c.The success of this event will impact whether NCSU is willing to send people to speak
with future cohorts about the program.
d.SLAIS is paying for refreshments. Help is needed to set up/clean up.
e.Helen will resend the Eventbrite invitation and begin other promotion after the
Halloween party.
6. Communication Issues
A. Tabled until next meeting.
7. New Business
A. Stephanie: The MACL Conference is planning to request money. Tabled until the Treasurer &
President are present.
B. If anyone has questions/concerns for the curriculum committee, please contact Michael.
a.Helen would like more widespread information and guidance for the HCI stream.
Michael will take this to the committee.
C. The next meeting will take place on November 4, 2013.
Meeting was adjourned by Sheena at 12:40 PM.

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