Minutes from November 18th, 2013 Meeting

LASSA Minutes 11-18-13

Library and Archival Studies Student Association
2013-2014 School Year Meeting #6
Date: November 18, 2013
Location: SUB 212
In attendance: Grace Romund (MLIS Co-President) Kate Clayborne (Secretary) Sheena Campbell (Events Coordinator) Mitchell Meler (GSS Representative) Inti Dewey (GSS Representative) Adena Brons (Dual Member-at-Large) Stephanie Dror (MACL Representative) Sehdeep Kaur (Faculty of Arts Representative) Jordan Hatt (Treasurer) Nicole Askin (MLIS First Year Representative) Michael Wynne (MLIS Member-at-Large) Helen Halbert (AMS Representative) Kelsey Ockert Kaitie Warren Hedda Monaghan Matthew Root Iris Kovar-Gough Yoav Lerner
Regrets (Excused): Maria Paraschos Matthew Murray
Meeting called to order by Grace at 12:00 PM.
1. Approval of Minutes
Inti motions, Steph seconds. All in favour, none opposed. Motion passes.
2. BCLA Funding Request Presentation (Iris)
A. ALPS is seeking reimbursement for their Getting Hired in Higher Education Panel
a. Expenses included honorariums for the panellists (6 panelists at $10 each), as well as refreshments for approximately 25 people.
b. Going forward, funding requests will be made in advance.
Adena motions to grant $79.11 to ALPS in reimbursement for this event. Inti seconds. All in
favour, none opposed. Motion passes.
3. Librarians Without Borders Group Proposal Presentation (Kelsey, Matthew, and Kaitie)
A. The previous SLAIS chapter of LWB disbanded in 2010 and does not have representation in LASSA’s finances.
B. The chapter has re-formed and is now an official subsidiary of the LWB parent organization. A constitution has been written, and an exec formed. Matthew Root is serving as co-chair. A possible advisor is being negotiated with.
C. The group plans to do fundraising towards international LWB efforts, including projects in Ghana and Guatemala, as well as those in the local community.
Inti motions to create an LWB subgroup and allocate $50 of LASSA funding. Sehdeep seconds.
All in favour, none opposed. Motion passes.
4. LASSA Knowledge Organization Group Proposal Presentation (Yoav, Hedda, and Matthew)
A. The LKO members are still determining precisely what group activities will be, but have a number of ideas for moving forward. They are currently seeking to establish a group so that they can fully commence activities in January.
B. A constitution has been written, and an exec formed. Hedda and Matthew are serving as co-chairs. Aaron Loehrlein will serve as faculty advisor.
Nicole motions to create an LKO subgroup and allocate $50 of LASSA funding. Steph seconds. All in favour, none opposed. Motion passes.
5. AMS Report (Helen)
A. CiTR would like to promote their opportunities for student involvement, including for SLAIS students.
B. AMS has approved a statement encouraging faculty to move towards open access publishing.
6. Treasurer’s Report (Jordan)
A. Signatures are needed to approve the above funding for ALPS and newly formed subgroups.
a. Inti and Michael provided signatures.
B. Signatures are needed to approve the disbursement 2012-2013’s surplus funds to BCLA and ALA.
a. Steph and Nicole provided signatures.
7. Policies & Procedures Manual Amendment (Grace)
A. The procedure for subgroups to request additional funding currently reads:
“Student groups can apply for additional funds at any time during the year by submitting an application form and making a short presentation at a LASSA meeting. Their proposal will be voted on by the Executive after the presentation is over, and after the Treasurer has verified LASSA can afford to disperse additional funds.”
B. The proposed amendment would cause this to read:
“In the event that an application is made for additional funds for the purpose of hosting an event, the application and presentation must be submitted and presented before the time of the event, barring extenuating circumstance.”
Grace motions to make this amendment. Michael seconds. All in favour, none opposed. Motion passes, the manual will be amended.
8. Events
A. NSCU Info Session Debrief (Helen)
a. The info session was a success. Helen received positive feedback from the NCSU representatives regarding SLAIS students.
b. SLAIS has covered expenses for the event, no reimbursement is needed.
B. January Orientation
a. Orientation will take place January 6, 11-3, in Thea’s Lounge.
b. Sheena has requested a microphone and screen for the event.
c. Grace will order pizza through the relevant AMS procedures.
d. Vehicles will be needed to transfer supplies from IKBLC to the GSS building.
i. Matthew and Inti have offered their vehicles if necessary, but other avenues will also be explored.
C. End of Term Potluck
a. The potluck will be held November 29, 5-7, in the SLAIS lounge.
b. The responsibility for the liquor license has been left with SLAIS admin, as it has been for all but the most recent two potluck events. Grace has been assisting, as recent additions to the SLAIS staff were unaware of the procedure.
c. Sheena will use this opportunity distribute Halloween party prizes.
d. The potluck will be advertised via posters, SLAIS Social Facebook page, the whiteboard, and word of mouth.
9. New Business
A. Faculty Search Committee
a. Edie Rasmussen is retiring at the end of this year. A search committee is being formed to a new faculty member for July 1.
b. SLAIS is looking for a student rep to join the committee. This position requires a large commitment, as well as confidentiality. The search will ideally last from January through March 2014.
c. Caroline Haythornthwaite will hold a meeting to discuss the responsibilities of the student representative.
d. Grace, Inti, Michael, and Kate are interested and will attend Caroline’s meeting.
B. As this is LASSA’s final meeting of the semester, Grace would like to extend her thanks to all members of the exec for their work these past few months.
Meeting was adjourned by Grace at 12:50 PM.

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