The LASSA Toonie Pub Night Was a Rip-Roaring Nerdy Success

Last Thursday a bunch of Slaisers gathered for a LASSA social event in the very apt setting of the Storm Crow pub, which is probably the nerdiest pub that ever existed as it is full to the brim of geek pop culture from LOTR playing on the TVs to a whole back wall full of boardgames to fantasy and science fiction inspired drinks like Butterbeer. LASSA knocked $2 off everyone’s bill because LASSA is awesome like that, and it looks like everyone had a great time. These events are really rad cause they’re some of the only opportunities for you to get to know people outside of your cohort and/or people pursuing a different area of librarianship / archives who you’ll never have classes with.  Check us out being all nerdy playing games and drinking beer and stuff. This was actually near the end of the night when some people had gone home already! Watch for the next fun LASSA event coming up soon!


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