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Lesson learnt

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Not surprisingly, the greatest lesson I have ever learned came from my dad. He is the most well respected, confident and intelligent individual I know, and he is my inspiration. Like myself, my parents were both born and raised in Vancouver with ‘Canadian’ attitudes. Because I fully respect and honor my parents’ decisions, I usually comply with their “rules” and respect their decisions.

Now, my parents don’t ask for much. This is what I love about them; however, the one thing my dad habitually emphasizes is for my sister and I to always do our best. Whether the feat be something as simple as completing a homework assignment or as admirable as winning a gold medal, the most important thing, A+ or F, win or lose, is that the task was done to the best of our ability. Only then would they be proud, and the outcome irrelevant.

I carry this lesson with me for whatever I do. If I go to an interview and don’t get the position, my parents, nor I, can be disappointed in myself if I gave it my best shot. Obviously I would be disappointed if I sincerely wanted the job, but I wouldn’t beat myself over it. I strive to make my parents proud, and I know I do them proud when I try to do my best – what more could anyone ask for?

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