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by Doug Harris ~ November 13th, 2011. Filed under: Uncategorized.

Hello all.

Looking ahead to the two weeks of paper presentations, Nov. 23rd and 30th, we will proceed as we have with the peer-review presentations.

So that none of you have presentations in back-to-back weeks, I have put those of you who presented your peer-reviews on Nov. 9th into the Nov. 23rd paper presentation day. Similarly, I have put those of you who are presenting peer-reviews this week into the Nov. 30th slot for your paper presentations.

However, please let me know if you would like to switch and I will try to arrange it. Please also let me know if you don’t mind which date you present and would be prepared to switch.

In preparation for the presentations, please send me a title of your research paper by class this week, Nov. 16th.

You also have the option of sending me something to circulate to the class before your presentation. This can be in the form of an outline (encouraged), a primary source such as a case, statute or historical document, a short reading from a secondary source, or some combination. If you do send me something to circulate, please limit yourself to 10 pages and send it to me no later than 9am on the Monday before you present.

These presentations are understood as presentations of works in progress. You will have 10 minutes to present and then we’ll have about 15 minutes of discussion.

The exercise of organizing the work on your research paper to the point where you can present it to others is intended to help you focus your project. As you prepare your presentations, think about trying to set out:

1. the particular question or questions that you are attempting to answer;

2. the methods that you are using to answer the question. (One way to think about your methodology is to set out the sources that you are planning to use. Will you be using case law, the archives, newspapers, published articles; government reports, etc.?); and

3. your tentative conclusions.

Please send me a note to set up a meeting if you would like to talk about papers in advance of the presentation.




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