Permaculture Design Certification Course @ UBC Farm – Summer 2013

We’re pleased to announce that the Permaculture Design Certification Course @ UBC Farm 2013 is now accepting applicants.

Aug 17th – Sept 8th. $950  – $1250
Fifteen unforgettable days over three weeks

* This course can be taken for credit

For registration and further details, please visit the Eventbrite website.

Course Summary:

Permaculture is an holistic method of design leading to establishing a “permanent culture” guided by grounded ethics, principles and design practises.  It considers the whole system at multiple levels of scale through the intelligent integration of social, economic, land, water, plants, and shelter sub-systems.  Using Permaculture can lead to the design and implementation of self-sustaining, regenerative human systems that “do good” for both human kind AND the Earth.

Please join us for a dynamic, internationally recognized certificate course on the principles and practice of Permaculture Design.  We will guide you to finding practical applications of sustainable design in urban and rural contexts though presentations, interactive design activities, and applied hands-on sessions.

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