Looking for available elective courses?

Have you been waiting to get into an elective course? Perhaps it’s time to look for alternative choices. Here is a summary of our term 1 courses that still have seats available (as of Wednesday, Sept 11, 10am). Please ensure you meet prerequisites and seat restrictions.

FNH courses:

FNH 300 – Principles of Food Engineering
FNH 330 – Introduction to Wine Science
FNH 350 – Fundamentals of Nutrition
FNH 370 (2 seats left!) – Nutrition Assessment
FNH 477 (1 seat left!) – Nutrition and Disease Prevention
FNH 490  – Section 001: Debating Topics in Food, Nutrition and Health

APBI courses:

APBI 100 – Soil and the Global Environment
APBI 200 – Introduction to Soil Science
APBI 314 (1 seat left!) – Animals and Society
APBI 324 – Introduction to Seed Plant Taxonomy
APBI 328 – Weed Science
APBI 411 – Reproductive Physiology and Technology
APBI 414 – Animals and Global Issues
APBI 415 – Applied Animal Behaviour
APBI 418 – Intensive Fish Production
APBI 426 – Plant-Microbe Interactions
APBI 490 – Section 199: Principles of Aquaculture

FRE Courses

FRE 302 (1 seat left!)- Small Business Management in Agri-food Industries
FRE 340 – International Agricultural Development
FRE 385 – Quantitative Methods for Business and Resource Management
FRE 490 – Section 001: “Project Monitoring and Evaluation for Timely Responses (METR)”

You can register for these courses on your Student Service Centre. Remember to check the last day to withdraw from courses without a “W” or add courses! This info is on the UBC Course Schedule

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