UBC CLI grant conversation over brunch – Get fed and learn about community project grants!

Learn from 5 students who took their community engagement to the next level by:

  • Taking initiative to apply for funding
  • Taking ownership of the project by helping to design one based on the community’s need
  • Building leadership skills by carrying out a vision from start to end

WHEN: 9:30 – 11am, Tuesday October 22, 2013

WHERE: Brock Hall Concourse, 1874 East Mall

RSVP: Maria Trujillo at: cli.assistant@ubc.ca



The brunch-time event is aimed to inspire students into re-imagining how they can take their involvement in local community organizations to the next level by taking advantage of the grants and funding available.

Often, all a community needs to kick off a worth-while program and event is a little extra resource and a committed individual with some vision. The UBC-CLI has grants for up to $1500 set aside for exactly this purpose. Through workshops and one-on-one sessions, the UBC-CLI has resources to help students:

  • Navigate the funding and grant application process
  • Connect students with community organizations
  • Facilitate the development of project ideas
  • Set realistic goals for projects to be pitched

Please contact Maria Trujillo (cli.assistant@ubc.ca) to RSVP as space (and brunch!) is limited.

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