14W APBI 398 – new course description!

The instructors for APBI 398 have updated the course description! This won’t be reflected in the UBC Calendar or Course Schedule just yet but we thought we would share with you beforehand what this course will really be about for the 2014 Winter Session:

APBI 398 Research Methods in Applied Animal Biology (3) 2014W Tu, Th 2pm – 3:30pm

An introduction to research for students in Applied Animal Biology. This course is intended to provide students a first taste of the research experience, by working with a researcher at UBC whose research involves animals. Previous students have worked on a variety of projects varying from marine mammal ecology to dietary preferences of bed bugs. In addition to hands-on research experience, students learn how to critically evaluate the scientific literature, write a research proposal, and give oral and poster-format scientific presentations.


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