APBI 419: Fish Disease offered for 14W Term 2! *Register now!*

It’s back! APBI 419 (Fish Disease) will be offered in Term 2 of the 2014 Winter Session (Jan – Apr 2015).

This course examines fish health and disease from the perspectives of the fish, the pathogen and the environments that they share. Major bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases of cultured fish are explored and the characteristics, epidemiology, prevention, control and management of the causative agents are investigated. While the major diseases covered are particularly important to salmonid culture, the principles and practices are applicable to other species, both warm and coldwater.


Students are required to have taken an animal physiology course (examples: APBI 311, APBI 312, BIOL 361, BIOL 363, BIOL 364, BIOL 454, BIOL 457) and it is recommended that students first take APBI 418 prior to enrolment. Students who wish to enrol in this course but who do not meet the requirements should contact the instructor for permission.

To register for this course, please log on to your Student Service Centre or visit the UBC Course Schedule.

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