2015 Mental Health Symposium at UBC – Feb 14, 2015

You are invited to the 2015 Mental Health Symposium at UBC on February 14th,2015!

Registration is at no cost and all UBC students, staff and faculty are welcome to attend. This event is supported by Student Development & Services and the AMS.

The vision for this day is to create a mentally healthy community at UBC.

This year there are two streams outlined in the activities and workshops throughout the day: the self and the community. We recognize the intrinsic connections and interplay between self and community as being key to revolutionizing perspectives about mental health at UBC.

Stream 1: Self (morning)

Activities in this stream focus on building knowledge, reflection and tools for the self and forms of self-care. We recognize individual transformations are vital for revolutionizing the wider context of mental health. Actions, seemingly small, are the building blocks for larger shifts and changes.

Stream 2: Community (afternoon)

Activities in this stream focus on the role of the community and larger groups to facilitate shifts, changes, and collaboration around mental health. This stream also revolves around community care for mental health.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN AT: https://www.surveyfeedback.ca/surveys/wsb.dll/s/1g3ce5

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