SOIL Apprenticeship Program

SOIL is an accessible framework for getting folks that think they may be interested in farming to try it out for a season through hands-on learning. It’s also a great format for experienced farms to share their knowledge and bring new people into the industry.

What it SOIL?

  • A non profit program, that links farmers with young folks wanting to learn and work on an organic farm using sustainable practices. We aim to create apprenticeships which transfer lasting knowledge to both the farmer and the apprentice.
  • The host farms that list with SOIL, are farms which emphasis organic techniques with little or no dependence on pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Beyond that they represent a wide variety of focus and practices; from market garden businesses, biodynamic farms, animal husbandry operations of all sizes, orchards, seed companies to name a few. Whatever your operation there is someone out there who wants to learn from you!

How SOIL works

  • Apprenticeships are available to anyone over 18 years old who is healthy, self motivated and eager to learn. A time commitment of eight weeks is usually required, but a full-season commitment is usually preferred. Typically, apprenticeships take place between May and September, although many farms need help all year round.
  • SOIL provides the listing service for host farm opportunities and acts as an initial liaison between the farmer and prospective apprentices. SOIL endeavors to match the apprentice with the farm according to the information given by both parties.
  • Farms must make a commitment to provide a teaching component to the apprenticeship. They are encouraged to provide a monthly stipend and/or wage to the apprentice. It is the responsibility of both parties to come to a working agreement.

More information on our site and please don’t hesitate to contact Keeley Nixon or SOIL Coordinator Jordan Marr at with any questions you may have.

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