Soci 495A: An Introduction to the Sociology of Climate Change.

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Soci 495A: An Introduction to the Sociology of Climate Change.

Pre-requisites: None.
(If you have trouble registering, please contact the instructor for assistance.
The calendar indicates that Soci 100 is required, but this will be waived by the instructor.)
Term 1: September – December 2018
Wednesday: 3:00pm – 5:45pm, Room: Frank Forward Building Room 317
D.B. Tindall

Anthropogenic climate change is arguably the greatest crisis facing humanity in the early part of the 21st Century. There is an overwhelming scientific consensus that the average temperature on the earth’s surface is increasing, and that this increase is primarily a result of human activities. This average increase in worldwide earth surface temperature is leading to global climate change. This change will manifest itself in different ways in different locations. Some places will experience more severe droughts, others will experience more severe flooding. Storms will be more severe. Glaciers are rapidly melting, resulting in rising sea levels, and other consequences. These changes will have devastating effects on human societies, and will also have dramatic negative effects on the “natural world” (including massive extinction of various flora and fauna species – some have termed the “Anthropocene”).
While climate change is often seen as a “natural science issue”, its ultimate causes, consequences, and potential remedies are largely social. Thus, sociology should be considered to be a core discipline in understanding and responding to climate change. This course will introduce students to sociological insights about contemporary climate change. It will do so by considering the global nature of climate change, and its implications. No prior training in sociology is assumed.

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