Enjoy Sustainable Coffee with mugshare!

Do you wish you could ditch single-use cups, but always seem to forget your tumbler and can’t survive without coffee? Have you been seeing conspicuous teal lids floating around campus and are starting to wonder how you can get your hands on one? Good news – mugshare has your back! The official pilot launch just went live this March with six cafe partners both on UBC campus and in and around Vancouver for a total of 12 participating locations. With a super simple deposit-drink-return system, a sustainable coffee has never been easier.

But what is mugshare you may ask? Well, it originally started as an offshoot of a Common Energy project, the largest student-run sustainability club on campus, but it has since grown into an independent organization with the vision of creating a system that makes reusable the new normal. All it takes is a toonie at any of our participating cafes, then you can enjoy your drink wherever you like for as long as you like. When you’re ready to lighten your load again, just return your mug to any participating cafe and get your $2 back. That’s it! And don’t worry, the cafes will take care of industrially dish-washing all returned mugs – so you never have to deal with that week-old latte residue again.

Want to find out more? Check out mugshare.ca to find a full list of participating cafes or connect with mugshare on Instagram and Facebook for updates (and occasional coffee-related giveaways). Hope to see you sporting some teal with your coffee soon!

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