Living Language: Science and Society (LFS 402)

Living Language is an interdisciplinary, transition-out course for fourth-year students who will use language science as a model for examining the knowledge they have gained in their respective disciplines and how to apply it beyond their graduation, in work and life. As an interdisciplinary course, it will be cross-listed as LFS 402, LLED 402, ASTU 402, APSC 402, FRST 402, and PHAR 402. There is limited enrolment by Faculty to ensure an interdisciplinary group of students are able to participate; 4 seats will be reserved for students registering in LFS 402.

The class structure is comprised of in-class lectures by Professors Werker, Turin, and invited language leaders across campus and in the wider community, along with student-led reflections and presentations. Through the course, students will lead their own exploration of language as it applies to all domains of human life, from the creation and acquisition of spoken language to writing systems, texts of all kinds, arts, culture, science, and technology. Students will engage in group discussion with their peers and will complete short written assignments that include individual reflections and longer, more in depth, explorations. Working in small interdisciplinary groups, students will design an action-oriented final project to be presented in-class at the end of the term.

This course will be offered in Term 1 of the 2019 Winter Session (September – December 2019), Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 – 5:00 pm in Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (IBLC) 185.

You can learn more about the course here.

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